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Commonly Used Project Planning Tools A Project Manager Should Know

January 29, 2013

A project planning tool is an instrument used in outlining the duration, stages, and resources of an individual project whether it exists on its own or falls under a broader program conducted by an organization. Even if a project is expected to last only a brief period of time, effective planning ensures every task falling under the project is completed promptly to avoid unnecessary depletion of resources.

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The three most commonly used project planning tool examples will be discussed in this article. A planning tool serves mainly as a means of assessing actual performance and not as a fixed set of rules to be followed to the letter. Therefore, either a single tool or a combination of two or more may be employed.

The Gantt chart, also known as the milestones or project bar chart, indicates each task involved in a project as well as how long each task was actually done. The layout of tasks does not reflect their actual sequence since the main concerns here are the number of tasks completed and the completion time spent. The Gantt chart is the easiest to analyze among the three most commonly used tools because everything is laid out in an...


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